No Thanks


Yesterday seemed like the perfect day to take my camera out for a walk through Yoyogi Park. Despite the infestation of tourists, it's easy to get lost in the woods and a great place to spend some quality me time. Memories came rushing back of another walk through the park (the name escapes me but that's beside the point) I took with a loved one. A park seemed like a perfect environment to allow calmness take over but instead, a fight ensued. I can't tell you what the argument was about but I do recall enforcing the silent treatment. A tried and true testament of immaturity. Often times you can't remember what the actual argument was about but what stays with you is how you made the other person and you feel. The feeling stays with you as if it was yesterday. Words are powerful but sometimes these are forgotten, but feelings, they stay. You can't erase words or feelings. You don't get to control how the other person feels or how you made yourself feel. Remember this and be kind, always chose to be kind. 

You don’t get to control how others feel but you can control how you behave.

Narrative: Kaizen
Photography: Kaizen