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What you put your mind to, the universe will rise up to meet you. This proved to be true once again and it manifested itself through the world of cinema. In my previous post, I was challenged with the question – why don’t you love yourself enough? It reminded me of a movie I watched several times and just recently watched again with my family. Most fans of the late actress Sridevi will remember English Vinglish as her official return to the movies and what a return it was. Although it was the first of her more than 300 movies I've watched, she captured me with one pivotal final scene - the wedding speech the highlight of it all, Sridevi's character, Shashi, coming full circle and acknowledging the importance of self-love. That is all that matters and with that, you have more than enough. 

"When you don't like yourself, you tend to dislike everything connected to you. New things seem to be more attractive. When you learn to love yourself, then the same old life, starts looking new...starts looking nice. Thank you, for teaching me how to love myself! Thank you for making me feel good about myself. Thank you so much!" – Shashi, English Vinglish.

Self Worth and Gratitude are powerful concepts to wrap your head around. With these two, nothing can come between you and you. This is the journey of Shashi, a strong women overwhelmed by fears and judgment but finding inner strength to overcome her fears and learning to love herself, thus loving life itself. 

Thank you Shashi, for taking us on this wondrous journey towards self-love.

Thank you Sridevi for sharing your talent with us and bringing to life the very embodiment of self-love. Although you will surely be missed, the life lessons you continue to teach us will live on forever. 

Once you overcome your fears, you can begin to love yourself.

Narrative: Kaizen
Photography: English Vinglish, Hope Productions