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Looking back, moving into Sai Kung was a natural progression for me as I was able to leave the city with peace in my heart and reset my lifestyle. We’ve all heard that change is good and I did just that. But it wasn’t enough. Human nature has it that I wanted more. I wanted to learn more. I wanted to seek new experiences but I didn’t realize it at the time that learning a new art form led me to what I believe to be one of the most significant life lessons I’ve had to date.

I’ve always been an amateur admirer of the art of ceramics. The silent beauty of a carefully hand made piece lies a deeper message within. It may seem easy but the end product is not what matters. It’s the process that matters and this carries through in life. A wise woman once told me, during the process, you must let go of all your inhibitions, release yourself of all the noise, distractions and anything that is weighing you down. Only then can you fully commit to the task at hand and give all that is you into the body of work. Your mind, body and soul become a part of the process, and becomes a part of your creation. This is what you have to offer and no one can ever take that away from you. This is your uniqueness, your identity and the very essence of your being. Her wise words is what defines my philosophy for creating everyday and is the driving force behind every creation.

Do you have a wise woman in your life too? If the answer is no, take a step back and listen, observe and succumb to the wisdom of others. You may be surprised.

Thank you Ida.

Silence the noise and distractions. 


Narrative: Kaizen
Photography: Kaizen
Works: Kaizen