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I believe fear is the underlying current in all of us preventing us from moving forward. We chose to run away and hide from the hard things. It's just easier. Running away from the outside world and others is one thing. Running away from yourself is an entirely different thing. The worst of its kind. Do we run from shame or because of shame? 

When news of someone living in fear choses to take a dark turn, I find myself having to sit in a moment of silence (more than a moment in fact) and needing the time to be alone with my thoughts. Trying to process, what would trigger a beautiful soul to take such a dark turn? What are they hiding from and what do they fear? What do those last dark moments look and feel like? Why didn't they talk about it? How could we not have seen signs? 


The ones who need help are often times the ones who don't appear to need help. The ones smiling, laughing, crying, and dancing. They are amongst us and they are one of us. They are your friends, your neighbours, your colleagues and sometimes, the one you are lying next to. They may not even know they are the ones. 

To those living in fear, we need to talk. Beginning with me. I talk to myself all the time. It's a good place to start. You have no one to answer to but yourself. Clarity comes from within. A member of my cabinet once told me, if you don’t know what you want, how can you expect others to give you advice and how reliable is their advice? Clarity begins with you. If it puts a smile on your face and helps you love yourself a little more each day, you're doing better. 

I'm staying still in this moment, ready to talk.

I’m ready to talk.
Narrative: Kaizen
Photography: Kaizen