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Letting go is a process we all have to go through in life. A part of it is accepting the reality that you are faced with. It’s not about forgetting, it’s not about being angry. It’s certainly not about taking revenge on the situation. It’s about standing up in the face of reality and learning to live alongside it. Whether the situation is dire, heart breaking or gut wrenching, the outcome is there and you cannot change the past.

The situation may be beyond your control, but how you chose to react is entirely within your control. How you chose to behave and take responsibility for your actions is the first step towards letting go. Holding on to the past and the pain associated with it will only set you back and believe me, will only stall your ability to move forward. You may feel at times you want to give up and crawl back into your hole. I’ve felt that many times and lean on the familiar moments of the past to comfort me. The walls seems to be caving in but in your own time, you will find a way to break through the walls and realize it’s time to let go.

It may seem hard to understand at the moment but the act of letting go of the painful past opens doors you never thought imaginable. Trust the process and that the universe is always on your side. If you chose to believe in the process, the universe will rise up to meet you.

Holding on to the past has been my weakness and I admit the process of letting go has been a hard road for me. But we can do hard things. We can break the walls and I’m beginning to let go.

I don’t know what the future has in store for me but I trust the universe is on my side and by closing the door to the past, the next door will open. I’m ready to move forward and am excited to embark on a new journey towards discovery. Life has a funny way of revealing itself and you never know what the next door will bring. It may be something you never thought imaginable and something far more exciting. You may not know if your ready for what the future holds but if your ready to let go of the past and for all that it represented, it can only get better. You will know you are on the right path and you’ll never look back.

Goodbye to the past, it’s time to let go. Hello to the new beginnings.

Let go of the past, let in the future.

Narrative: Kaizen
Photography: Kaizen