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Have you ever felt your life was based on a movie?

Or rather the opposite,

Have you ever wished your life was based on a movie?

When going through times of deep inner soul searching and finding my true story, I find myself getting lost into a storyline, a fairytale script, or plot that is fictional. Or is it? Did they write this for me? Were they talking about me? Were they talking to me? Why can’t that happen to me?

It’s so easy to veer off on a tangent when lost in your own thoughts. Fictional stories are written in such a relatable way that I sometimes find myself immersed into the characters. Words from the script jump off the page and resurrect a past memory or a déjà vu moment. I must have heard myself say the exact same monologue, but what was my reaction? Was it the same? How many ways can one chose to react?

Gut wrenching moments on a screen pull you in emotionally and I find myself connecting with them in ways I never knew existed. It’s become my way to heal and to better understand myself. It may be fictional on screen, fictional at the time of production, but has become a part of my reality. A part of me that I sometimes can better understand than the physical reality I live in. Can this be true? Can the movies be reality? Or is it simply escapism?

There are chemicals inside of us I can’t fully or intellectually explain in a factually scientific way but what I know for sure is this. Such chemicals generate emotions that are hard to deny. Heartbreak is real. Piercing pain is real. Racing heartbeats are real. Crippling tears are real. When this happens, I turn to the screen and turn towards the lens. I turn to my reality that I can emotionally connect to and relate to in my own way as a means of healing. A way to better myself and understand myself.

Humans experience 34,000 emotions. Multi-faceted emotional channels that are defined, have a name, and have a relatable feeling. I can certainly extract more emotions from the screen than I can sometimes in real life. It’s become my mechanism for explanation. My mechanism for telling my story.

The next journey - extract emotions from my life and share on screen.



Don’t be afraid to define your own way to heal, to connect with yourself and share your emotions openly.


Narrative: Kaizen

Photography : Kaizen

Courtesy: 紐約紐約 movie by Luo Dong. 2016.