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On paper, I am classically trained as an urban designer, retail architect and photographer. I’ve had the fortune of traveling the world from a young age, truly naïve at the time of how privileged I was. Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada and then onto Hong Kong, I grew up in a secure environment. Oblivious as to where our next meal came from, I breezed through the throws of adolescence and was lucky to have graduated from what our society regards as a prestigious Ivy League school. Yet, the eclectic lifestyle New York had to offer still didn’t satisfy my soul and I selfishly forged a post-graduate degree in London. In our culture (or any culture for that matter), I behaved like a princess. I waltzed through life with a wrongful confidence and self worth defined by club memberships, addresses and surface level relationships. What I didn’t realise at the time, no textbook or amount of skimming the surface could prepare me for what’s to come. Not if you’re not ready.

Fast-forward to a few years ago, a series of unexpected events and ultimate loss shattered me to pieces. As I lay on my bedroom floor wondering what tomorrow would look like in the face of loss, I realised I was ready. Skimming the surface just didn’t work for me anymore. I'm ready to live through success, failures, heartbreaks and tragedy and wear them proudly on my sleeve. I'm ready to reveal scars and begin to heal. They are my badges of survival and a reminder to live with empathy, vulnerability, humility and self worth. In the face of today’s reality, I promised myself to remove the crown and rediscover my true identity. Yes, I communicate best through the medium of photography and in the written form. But above all else, I communicate best through learning. I believe that with an unforgiving attitude towards learning, growing is inevitable. I surprised myself by picking up the shattered pieces and slowly but surely, learned to piece myself back together. I’m still me, but what I put together is now a multi-dimensional me. More love, more honesty, more empathy, more humanity, a new found passion and with all of this, truth.

Every day begins with a promise to myself – a promise to always show up. A promise to be better.